Our new mill!

We’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of our New American Stone Mill. The mill, made with 40″ natural granite stone, is being handcrafted by Andrew Heyn of Elmore Mountain Bread in Vermont, US. We’re hoping to see it settled at Woodstock Farm before the end of the year. In the meantime, we’re slowing down on markets and sales as we build our ‘milhaus’, have a baby(!), and research as much as we can.

Designed for use in bakeries or specialty milling operations like ours, the mill will allow us to grind a variety of different grains, accounting for the entire grain production of our farm. The mill has lower revs per minute which means the flour temperatures will also be low and thus retain more flavour and suitability for baking. The use of granite rather than composite stone will also make for a finer grind.

It’s going to be a massive learning curve as we attempt to master the art of milling. We’ll be working with bakers as much as possible as we figure out what works best with our grains and what is most suitable for different styles of baking. We’re so thankful for the guidance of James Fisher, formerly of Cannibal Creek Bakehouse, who first pointed us in the direction of the New American Stone Mill, and also to Emily and Chris Salkeld of Small World Bakery who have been super generous with their knowledge and experience (and they’re also getting a New American Stone Mill!).

A big thank you also goes out to Ian’s parents, Bob and Jenny, and his nan, Mary, for their endless generosity and support through out this process. Exciting times ahead!

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