About Us


Ian and Courtney

We produce stoneground, wholegrain flour milled fresh from grain grown on Ian’s family’s Certified Organic Farm. We want to produce the highest quality flour for our local community and farm according to agroecological principles. We’re interested in growing more heritage varieties, no-kill cropping and pasture cropping. We’re also looking into growing some native grains for flour production.

In terms of our backgrounds, Ian grew up on Woodstock Farm and studied Landscape Management at the University of Melbourne where he met Courtney. He’s currently working on Woodstock Farm full time with his family. He’s passionate about regenerative farming, sourdough baking and breeds of sheep.

Courtney studied Agricultural Science at the University of Melbourne. Originally from Pambula, NSW, she’s currently working for the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance and she’s keen to help build a local food economy in the region.